:: my PR was decreased ::

Yeah, that is right, this morning I have checked my blog (Mogi on BlogMood.2 a.k.a http://blog.cybermogi.net) and found that my pagerank was decreased from 4 to 3, hahahaha… I think that just because my last article about Google and Bing, I compared my default search engine, Google and Bing. In that article’s conclusion, I said that Bing is better than Google. But I hope, Google will do self introspection and self analysis to its graphical user interface and its application flows, because as far as I see (and use), I found that Google was never improve its user interface, and its application flows was really really bad. Users (common users that do not know about Internet or computer) can not decide and can not see the different between advertise links and search result links in the result page. As long as I see, users (the common users) always clicks only the top one or two link when they search for something in Google result page, because they think this link is the best result (of course because the links has different background color and different border). The users was trapped by Google user interface and application flow.

I only wish, perhaps Google someday will fix that and improve its weakness. I know that Google has great a lot of scientists and programmers around the world, has a lot of user interface expert, and has gigantic budget to develop Internet over the world. Thanks for Google.