:: Coding style [just reference] ::

Coding Style from X.org (sumber asli : http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/CodingStyle)

Kemarenan aku iseng-iseng masuk ke X.org rencananya mau upgrade Xorg di komputerku, hehehehe, gak sengaja nemu link ini, kayaknya bagus buat referensi, isi dokumennya gini :

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Much of this is lifted from the XFree86 CODING doc, which describes the xfree86 DDX and (to a lesser extent) the DIX layer as well.

* Four-space indents
* camelCase function names
* 78-column limit

Function return type (and any modifiers, eg static) on a line by itself

Keywords punctuated like if (x >= 0)

Functions punctuated like doSomethingClever(a, b, c);

Opening curly brace on the same line as the control construct: if (foo) {

Closing braces aligned with the keyword that opened them (K&R not GNU)

else on the same line as the closing } of the preceding if
* Opening curly brace for functions in column 0

case aligned in the same column as the switch
* Wrap structs in typedefs

ANSI prototypes for all new code; convert K&R declarations to ANSI with care

Notable objectionable things in the current coding style:

* Most structs have a typedef both for the struct and for a pointer to the struct.

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semoga bisa jadi referensi yang berguna yak…