:: Mexico Decriminalizing Drugs ::

Taken from Time Magazine September 7, 2009

Essential Stories From Mexico. It’s titled Decriminalizing Drugs. So funny… but it’s serious…

The Goverment has quietly and controversially passed a new law decriminalizing the posession of marijuana, coccaine, and other drugs in amount small enough “for personal and immediate use.”
The law, which officials hope will free up resources and prison space for more dangerous criminals. but, a Mexican official said “This is not legalization, (but) this is regulating issues.”

For me, this is sounds absurd, but if we think logically, this is a new solution for some old-problems, and another value was changed automatically. We’ve seen before, the illegal and no recipe use of drugs may cause disorder of health function and it’s illegal againts law in many country. But, because the illegal drugs users is rise very high by statistic every years, and if the law officers arrest them all, it’s can spend much money and space (for the jail), it’s impossible to do. Then the goverment only can change the limit for illegal using of drugs.

From the stories, what won’t get you arrested in Mexico is when you bring 4 joint of marijuana, 0.015mg of LSD, 0.5g of cocaine, 40mg of Methamphetamine, 50mg of heroin. It’s still illegal but you won’t arrested. Confuse? me either.

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