:: Posting Blog via gnome-blog ::

Install under your root terminal:

$ sudo apt-get gnome-blog

run application under Application button -> Internet -> Post Blog Entry.

add your preferences:


base blog URL :

username and password: just like your login.

then start typing for your blog.

Happy blogging.

:: Pelangi Pagi ::

Entah gelap, entah terang…
Embun menari di atas dedaunan,
Awan bercanda dengan sang Langit,
Tatkala sang Mendung menghadang,
Pagi menjerit, lalu menangis,
Angin merayu pagi, menghalau mendung,
Sang Mentari datang mendamaikan,
Semua tersenyum,
Pelangu pun datang mewarnai pagi.

[Hope, August 23rd 2009, Jimbaran Bali]

:: Hope ::

Hope can teach you how to dream,
Dream can teach you how to run,
Run can teach you how to wish,
Wish can teach you how to be honest,
Honest can teach you how to be patient,
Patient can teach you how to wise,
Wise can teach you how to be hope.

[Hope, August 23rd, 2009, Jimbaran Bali]

:: Mexico Decriminalizing Drugs ::

Taken from Time Magazine September 7, 2009

Essential Stories From Mexico. It’s titled Decriminalizing Drugs. So funny… but it’s serious…

The Goverment has quietly and controversially passed a new law decriminalizing the posession of marijuana, coccaine, and other drugs in amount small enough “for personal and immediate use.”
The law, which officials hope will free up resources and prison space for more dangerous criminals. but, a Mexican official said “This is not legalization, (but) this is regulating issues.”
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